Telepathy (new Effect)


Action: Free • Range: Rank • Duration: Sustained • Cost: 2 points per rank

Most communication is handled simply as a 1-3 pt feature, whether on equipment or personal use. Telepathy is for specifically undetectable forms of communication that does not require a special receiver, it communicates directly with the target’s mind, and is thus very difficult to intercept and easy to use. This effect can also cover magical sendings to extraplanar beings and similar effects.

It can send to a specific individual you know, regardless of if you’re able to perceive them or not, so long as it is a person you’ve met before. You can maintain multiple telepathic conversations but the targets can’t hear each other, only you. You can initiate only one telepathic conversation per round, though once established, you can talk to many people. Talking via telepathy takes the same effort as speaking normally. Telepathic conversations by default are language based and are transmitted in words. If you wish to be able to understand any language, apply the comprehend extra to your telepathy.

By default, telepathy is one way, meaning the target can hear you, but can’t talk back.


1 Close range (distance rank 2 – 120 ft)
2 Short range (distance rank 8 – within 1 mile)
3 Long range (distance rank 14 – 60 miles)
4 Wide Scale (Distance Rank 16 – 250 miles)
5 National (Distance Rank 18 – 1000 miles)
6 Continental (Distance Rank 20 – 4000 miles)
7 World-wide
8 Anywhere


Area: You can broadcast omni-directionally to every receiver within your maximum Communication range at once. Note this extra is only strictly necessary to communicate with everyone over a wide area all at once; since using and maintaining Communication are free actions, the GM may allow a communicator to establish and maintain contact with multiple discrete receivers—such as the members of the same team—all in the same round. By default this also comes with the selective modifier, allowing you to choose specific recipients. +1 Cost per Rank.

Data Link: Your telepathy can transmit pictures and sounds directly from your memory, or simply something you made up (this may require a deception check). +1 cost per rank.

Rapid: Your communication occurs 10 times faster than normal speech. Each additional rank increases communication speed by a factor of 10. This is useful for high-speed computer links, “deep sharing” psychic rapports, and so forth. Flat +1 point.

Selective: The area modifier automatically has this benefit for free.

Two Way: By default telepathy is one-way. This extra allows the target to converse back to you. +1 cost per rank.

Subtle: Normally telepathy is undetectable, eliminating the need for this modifier. In the rare case it is intercepted, it counts as a complication.


Limited: Communication may be limited to only members of a particular group, such as a species, family, members of an organization, and so forth.–1 cost per rank.

Telepathy (new Effect)

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