Mind Reading Redone


Action: Standard • Range: Perception • Duration: Sustained • Cost: 2 point per rank

You can read another character’s mind. To determine the success of your mind reading, subtract the target’s will from your mind reading rank. If you spend at least 1 minute continually affecting the target with this power, add +5 to your mind reading rank for purposes of determining how deep into the target’s thoughts you can get. This can allow you to access the surface thoughts of a target that previously unreadable.

Mind reading ends when the target goes out of your range. The default range is perception, so you can read a target’s thoughts so long as you can see him.

Although the duration is sustained, you can only read a single target’s thoughts at once unless you have the multi-target extra.


Mind Reading Rank is > Target’s Will DEGREE OF CONTACT
0-4 Surface thoughts: You can read what the target is presently thinking. Mind Reading transcends language; you comprehend the target’s thoughts whether or not you share a common language.
5-9 Personal thoughts: You can probe deeper into the target’s mind for information. You can essentially ask any one question and receive the answer from the target’s mind. If the target doesn’t know the answer, then you know that as well.
10-14 Memory: You can read the subject’s memories and recollections. This allows you to perceive them exactly as the target recalls them, one memory per round.
15+ Subconscious: You can read memories from the target’s subconscious, things even the target does not consciously know. This might mean repressed or hidden memories, deep-seated psychological traumas, or even other personalities.

Once you are reading the thoughts of the target, you continue to read its thoughts so long as you sustain the power.


If you can interact with your subject, a successful Deception check against the target’s Insight check causes the subject to consciously think about a particular piece of information you’re looking for, such as a password or name, allowing you to pluck it from the subject’s mind with surface thoughts contact.


Action: The power takes a free action to initiate instead of a standard. You may still only use this power once per round. +1 cost per rank.

Cumulative: Each round you read the target’s mind, your degree of contact increases by 1 level. This does not grant a benefit against a target who you were unable to read at all or who you required the 1 minute rank boost to read at all. +1 cost per rank.

Extended: You can continue to read a target’s mind even when it passes outside your range. +1 cost per rank.

Multi-target: You can read the thoughts of multiple targets at once, though must establish the link to them separately. Flat +1 point per extra target.

Insidious: This modifier prevents the subject of your mind reading from being aware his mind is being read. Keep in mind you still must have the subtle to make activation of your mind reading disguised. Flat +1 point.

Sensory Link: You can “tap into” the senses of your subjects, perceiving what they perceive like a Remote Sensing effect (see Remote Sensing) so long as you have at least one degree of contact. Your own senses are inactive while you are using your sensory link and you can only perceive through the senses of one subject at a time. +1 cost per rank.

Subtle: As a mental sensory effect, Mind Reading has a degree of subtlety, only noticeable to the subject or to characters with an appropriate mental sense, such as Mental Awareness (see Senses effect). 1 rank of subtle Mind Reading is less detectable, requiring a DC 20 Perception check for either type of character to sense it, while two ranks of the Subtle modifier makes your Mind Reading have a perception DC of 20 + your power level. You can also increase the cost by +1 cost per rank to make it completely undetectable as normal. Flat +1 or 2 points or +1 cost per rank.


Close: Applied to Ranged Mind Reading, Close Mind Reading requires a close attack check to touch an unwilling target and physical contact throughout the effect’s duration; breaking contact ends the effect. Normally this also has the grab-based restriction as well. -1 cost per rank.

Feedback: You suffer Feedback if a subject you are reading is harmed, using your Mind Reading rank as the resistance check bonus against the damage. Additionally, you may suffer Feedback at the GM’s discretion from reading or experiencing particularly traumatic or emotionally-charged thoughts of memories from the subject. Flat –1 point.

Limited by Language: You can only understand the subject’s thoughts or memories if you share a common language. –1 cost per rank.

Limited to Emotions: You can only read or probe for emotions and emotional associations, not coherent thoughts or memories. –1 cost per rank.

Limited to Sensory Link: If you have the Sensory Link extra and this flaw, you can only tap into a subject’s senses, you cannot read their thoughts or memories. –1 cost per rank.
Limited to Surface Thoughts: You can only read surface thoughts and cannot achieve higher degrees of contact.* –1 cost per rank.*

Ranged: Ranged Mind Reading requires a ranged attack check in addition to the effect’s normal resistance check. A ranged mind reading attack can’t have the subtle modifier, though it may benefit from special abilities such as power attack to increase the effective rank of the power, and it may score criticals. Due to the benefits of increasing the effectiveness of the power this way, it offers no cost reduction. +0 cost per rank.

Sense-Dependent: Your Mind Reading is dependent on a sense other than just having to accurately sense the target, such as needing to see his expressions (Sight-Dependent), hear him speak (Hearing-Dependent), smell his changes in biochemistry (Scent-Dependent), and so forth. Alternately, it may be dependent on first being in Mental Communication with the target. –1 cost per rank.

Slow: Your mind reading takes longer than usual. A regular mind-reading attempt takes 1 minute and using the extended version requires 10 minutes. -1 cost per rank.

Mind Reading Redone

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