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  • Syndalin

    The elven capital of the [[Centerlands]] and the [[New Elven Empire]], currently ruled by [[:elemar | Emperor Elemar]]. h4. Classical History Syndalin has long been independent from the [[Elven Lands]] to the north. When the [[Elven Empire]] fell, …

  • Umilgas

    A port city that primarily deals in river trade, at one point it was the center of slaving operations for a brief time after Yurath granted them [[Elemental Orbs]] from [[Yuirelor]] which allowed them to reach the Borderlands.

  • Meles

    A city based on river trade, it's known for also securing a toll bridge separating the [[Centerlands]] to the west and the [[Southlands]] to the east.

  • Tiase

    Another city based on river trade, existing entirely on the west bank of the river. Due to treaties with [[Meles]], Tiase has agreed not to build a bridge spanning the river, to not challenge the toll bridges of [[Meles]].

  • Nessinar

    A landlocked trade city, which still gets significant passage through its markets as merchants bring goods from as far as [[Syndalin]] to make journey on the way to the [[Centerlands]] or [[Umilgas]]. Nessinar is also the hometown of [[:serendra]] of …

  • Peldrath

    A city that was primarily defined as being a warzone, Peldrath exists on the border between the ruined lands and the civilization of [[Syndalin]]. 100 years ago, they joined with Syndalin, forming an alliance of human and elf to fight against the demon …

  • Distair

    Distair is a city that has gradually spiraled into one of the worst festering pits of poverty and ruin one can see on Yuir. Once it was near the great forest Immora to the north, a region that was [[Scorched Lands | burned to ash]] in the last few …

  • Treos

    A small sized [[Centerlands]] town which is part of the [[Phoebalin Protectorate]], it seems friendly enough, though all too often visitors will speak that something in the town "just doesn't feel right". Further odd is the absence of any militia or …

  • Ercamen

    A primarily farming city of the [[Centerlands]], Ercamen has many surrounding farms and ranches. *Temples:* [[Kyia]]

  • Lorthar

    A small town designed to cater to travelers and merchants. It is known for its many comfortable and competing inns.

  • Lywth

    Once home to a thriving city and the temple of [[Althania]], the entirety of Lywth vanished in a single night during the [[Lywth Incident]].

  • Hathrak

    A northern [[Borderlands]] city of war-like barbarians in a cold region that worships the god [[Werra]]. In recent history they have managed to overthrown great necromancer lords in service to [[Tharzian]] and are now a free state. *Temples:* [[Werra …

  • Nightshadow

    A cursed town in the [[Borderlands]] which exists under a blanket of eternal night. It is a haven for undead and [[Shadow Demons]].

  • Tarthemon

    A peaceful forested town adjoining the [[Tarth Forest]] in the [[Borderlands]] in which elves and humans co-exist in peace, away from [[Elven Slavery]]. h4. Other Facts * Birthplace of [[:elemar | Emperor Elemar]]

  • Onyiatar

    A [[Borderlands]] city that is part of the [[Kingdom of Orn]]. *Temples:* [[Onyia]], [[Kalar]]

  • New Orn

    Capital of the [[Kingdom of Orn]] A city in the Northwest of the [[Borderlands]] *Temples:* [[Kalar]]

  • Tharn

    A mining town, close to the [[Shadow Mountains]] in the south of the [[Borderlands]]. *City Symbol:* Two crossed double bladed swords. *Population:* 8,000 (90% human, 5% half elf, 5% elf) *Imports:* Food, clothing, *Exports:* Gold, silver, Steel, …

  • Onyx

    A mining town, close to the [[Shadow Mountains]] in the south of the [[Borderlands]]. It was known for it's Onyx mines, which have since dried up, leaving the town starting to disintegrate. It also has a long standing feud with it's neighbor [[Tharn]].

  • Kaerl

    A large farming town near the center of the [[Borderlands]] *Temples:* [[Karithin]], [[Kyia]], [[Althania]] h4. People of the City * [[Kelthar of Althania | Kelthar]], high cleric of Althania's temple h4. Notable Features A great [[Tirenyr' …

  • Estrak

    A [[Borderlands]] city beside the [[River of Souls]] receiving tainted water from the [[Demon's Web Swamp]], many people in Estrak have started to get sickly and weak from drinking the tainted waters, or so it's believed. Others whisper that the waters …

  • Luinor

    Once capital of the [[Elven Kingdom]], is a great elven city that sits in the middle of the [[Elven Lands]]. Though still relatively small compared to some of the human cities of the [[Southlands]], Luinor is the largest elven city. Luinor is now the …