The elven capital of the Centerlands and the New Elven Empire, currently ruled by Emperor Elemar.

Classical History

Syndalin has long been independent from the Elven Lands to the north. When the Elven Empire fell, Syndalin managed to escape the carnage of the demon horde ravaging the main part of the empire. Syndalin became a matriarchy, under a single elven queen.

Later, when the Calanea rose to power, the Reunion War brought Syndalin under the banner of the Elven Kingdom for a time, though Syndalin later broke away. After that, treaties with the Yurath during the Golden Age of the Yurath enabled them to stay independent.

After the Fall of the Yurath, Syndalin remained the strong elven power of the Centerlands, though was never truly imperialistic. Most of the queens maintained peaceful relations with the humans with only a few minor wars during that period.

Recent History

At the time of the Yurathian Resurrection, Syndalin was under the rule of Queen Aris, whose throne was later taken by her daughter Queen Treadriel. Unlike her mother, Treadriel did not believe in the old peaceful ways. She saw herself as a chosen of the goddess Mairyssa and wished to not only annex the Elven Lands, but also the rest of Inqua.

On, Oiliore 31 3583 AS, Treadriel was slain by many Yurath, including Jarek Kulthar, Elemar, Katai, Sefiros, Suldannahar, Chasak and Eryk. Her vault was raided in a daring raid by Yerondel, Belar

Temples: Mairyssa


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