Inqua is the main continent of Yuir. It is divided into five regions.

The Centerlands: Existing at the south west corner of Inqua’s main landmass. The Centerlands are home to the mountain Erentiyr, the elven city of Syndalin, as well as several human cities.

The Borderlands: A harsh land populated mostly by humans. It exists in the Northeast region of Inqua. It is mostly a rather dark feudal region, with oppressive lords and dark dealings with demons. It also houses the Shadow Mountains, a place populated by dwarves, dark elves and demons.

The Southlands: The area south of the Borderlands, the Southlands is home to the more civilized among humanity, where concepts of nobility and honor are sometimes not forgotten.

The Tongue of the Dragon: The peninsula south of the Southlands. A wild place where dragons rule. Once humans lived there under a human/dragon alliance. But no longer.

The Elven Lands: Forest home of most of the elves of Yuir.

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