Duralad Forest

A relatively peaceful forest in the Elven Lands, the Duralad forest is largely divided into three sections: The eastern section, The Arodir tradeway and the Western section.

Arodir Tradeway

Perhaps the most important part of the Duralad Forest, the Tradeway houses the main road and cities. There are also a handful of villages along the main road and along the river and lake.

Places of Interest

Eastern Duralad

The eastern parts of the forest are home to a variety of scattered elven villages, most of which aren’t even recorded on modern maps, since they exist in an isolationist state from the main cities of the elven lands. Here and there, one can find bare remnants of old roads that existed back during the time of the Elven Empire, though they do not function as such anymore, since nature has swallowed them up.

Villages are run in the Ancient Elvish Tradition mostly. Though there are some exceptions.

Of interest to adventurers are age old ruins from the time of the Elven Empire. The include such things as old outposts, towers and Imperial Obelisks and even full keeps have been found Rumors also abound of a lost city among this area of the Duralad, though it is thought to be nothing more than a traveller’s myth.

There are also a variety of old structures from the Ortere periods (see below)


This are of the Duralad has generally been peaceful, save for a few incidents throughout history.

Following the Fall of the Yurath, there was a period of turmoil in the elven lands as many aspiring and greedy elves sought to expand their power base. While the most influential exerted their pull on the cities, lesser warlords, known as Ortere sought to unite their own kingdoms among the isolated villages of the Duralad, with the hopes of conquering the Arodir Tradeway. They gained a reputation for banditry, which further served to isolate the Elven lands from the rest of Yuir.

Most notable was Ortere Lumera, a skilled elven duelist, known as both hero to some and villain to others.

Other Places of Note
  • It is believed that the Yurath Eltalin set up an order (some would say a cult) within an abandoned temple, though its exact location is unknown.

Western Duralad

About a hundred miles from the Duralad river, the forest becomes a twisting dark place, home to monsters for as long as any can remember. Many of these are tainted demonic things, and there are even rumors of dark rituals conducted by demon-blooded elves that go on in the moonlight.

Also of importance is that there are quite a few ruins from the Elven Empire within the Duralad.

An order of elves called the Linabora (or purifiers), have been created to help reclaim the forest and their efforts are slowly progressing. Some simply join the Linabora in search of Elven treasures. Though looting is highly discourages, more than a few aged Elven relics have found their way smuggled by Linabora hands.

Duralad Forest

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