Tag: Void


  • The Void

    A mysterious force that devours worlds into non-existence.

  • Void Powers

    Special abilities gained through [[The Void]], generally through either direct exposure or via a special Void-related item.

  • Tome of Oblivion

    Author: [[Cytth'k]] (probably) h4. Reviews bq). "Earth-shattering!" - Ordelar of [[Althania]] bq). "Great self help book! Guaranteed to erase the troubles of mundane life!" - Yireth of [[Iole]] bq). "Four Tentacles up!" - [[Yurathian Mind …

  • Tirenyr

    Through centuries of research, Tirenyr also obtained a large amount of information on the soul-manipulating magic, including raising the dead. Tirenyr was also able to somehow merge his soul in the same body as [[:sefiros | Sefiros]], but was later …

  • Herlock

    Once just another drunken [[Yurathian Human]] warrior, Herlock recieved [[Void Powers]] by reading from the [[Tome of Oblivion]]