New Demonlord of Mist


A fanatical Yurathian Elf archmage, who cheated death to return from the Yurathian Dark Ages, Tirenyr is obsessed with the restoration of Illusana whose soul was lost to Tharzian.

At one time it was believed that Tireny’r absorbed the energy of Cytth’k however it was later shown that Cytth’k was in control the entire time, and Tirenyr only served to act as a vessel for his resurrection.


  • Bio:

    Through centuries of research, Tirenyr also obtained a large amount of information on the soul-manipulating magic, including raising the dead. Tirenyr was also able to somehow merge his soul in the same body as Sefiros, but was later separated by Eryth or at least a being claiming to be Eryth.

    Tirenyr also received a gift of some sort from Eryth, which may or may not have given him more power.


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