Tabris is a tall Yurathian Human with shaggy blond hair that droops into his eyes and a well-toned physique. He is dressed in a well-worn traveler’s outfit colored primarily in black and blue and carries a massive sword on his back that has a faintly golden blade and a black hilt.


The Yurathian Human known as Tabris began his life born to a wealthy merchant family based in the city of New Yorn in the Southlands of Yuir. His parents saw the birth of Tabris as a boon; a sign that the gods had favored their house and its mercantile prowess. The favorite son of the family quickly grew into a great disappointment however, as he showed no interest whatsoever in taking the reigns of the family business, despite learning quickly how to gather information and make business contacts and how to appraise the value of trading goods. Instead, the headstrong and rebellious Yurath turned his talents towards the profession of treasure hunting, traveling the Southlands in search of his own personal fortune.

Tabris soon became well known in the Southlands for his exploits and was notorious for both his greed and lechery. All that seemed to be on its way to changing one day however, when Tabris met a young woman named Talindra. The Human woman was possessed of a fiery spirit to match the brilliant red hair that crowned her head and fell down around her shoulders, and Tabris found himself smitten upon gazing into her brilliant green eyes. She was able to handle a weapon every bit as well as the most seasoned of warriors despite her great beauty, and she joined Tabris on his adventures as his constant companion and lover. Together, the two of them along with several other companions braved a trip to the Dragon’s Tongue, where amidst the ruins of the ancient city of Tornak they recovered many treasures, one of which was the Shocking Greatsword Zanber that is now Tabris’s trademark weapon. The group was challenged by a juvenile Green Dragon, overconfident in its abilities and the long dominance of the area by its brethren, and quickly found itself outmatched, with Tabris delivering the fatal blow that brought the winged beast to its death.

Flush with their victory over one of humanity’s ancient foes and eager to cash in on the treasures they had recovered, Tabris and Talindra returned with their companions through the Forest of the Yurath to the city of Chritrassa, only to find a scene of utter chaos and confusion. The city was flooded with refugees, fleeing what they described in various states of panic as a veritable tidal wave of pure rage and barbarity at the hands of a group of fierce warriors that had began sweeping over the land. This horde of invaders was led by none other than the mighty Theran, and soon the Southlands was thrown into a war the likes of which it hadn’t seen in centuries. At first, Tabris and Talindra joined the resistance against the Theranites, fighting desperately to drive them back, but to no avail. Finally, in the battle for New Yorn, Talindra fell to the vicious spiked mace of a Theranite warrior, and Tabris could do nothing but flee in misery as he watched his home burnt to the ground.

His spirit crushed by the loss of his beloved, Tabris forsook the Southlands altogether, traveling north into the wild frontier of the Borderlands. It was there that he tried to drown his sorrows by becoming a sword-for-hire, taking whatever jobs were offered with little regard for who hired him. It was then that he discovered the true extent of the slave trade and how pervasive the practice was in the Borderlands. His father had mentioned the slave trade before and his refusal to participate in it, and now Tabris saw why as he witnessed people being treated like possessions and abused without mercy regardless of age, gender, or race. Vowing that he would never again work for another slaver, Tabris remade himself as a self-styled bounty hunter, turning his talents at killing towards the people that actually deserved to be killed.

It was while working in this capacity that Tabris had a chance encounter with another bounty hunter, a Yurathian Half-Elf known as Lyrica. The brash warrior from the Southlands met the incredibly skilled young woman as the two of them both assaulted the same bandit encampment by chance. Unbeknownst to either of them, two separate contracts were put out in two separate cities for the same group of bandits, and by pure random chance, the two of them had taken up the assignment at almost the same moment. Tabris realized that something was amiss when he encountered a group of the bandits he’d been hired to track down and kill actually running towards him instead of away from him. Deciding to Fireball first and ask questions later, he was surprised once again as a lithe female shape jumped from out of the flames and skewered the remaining bandits around him with incredible speed and ferocity. Raising his trusted Zanber quickly, Tabris barely managed to block the shimmering blades of energy from slicing open his throat next as the last of the bandits fell, and he found himself face-to-face with the girl known as Lyrica. Sparks flew as their weapons ground against each other for several seconds, until the Half-Elf took a step back and prepared to strike again from a different angle.

It didn’t take long for the two of them to realize what had happened, and that the person they each now faced was not one of the bandits that either had been hired to kill. However, there was still the matter of their payment, not to mention the loot from the bandit encampment itself. Neither of the two had agreed beforehand to team up or to split the spoils of war. And so, another battle ensued, the two warriors attacking each other with almost reckless abandon. At first, Tabris was confident of victory, as the opponent before him appeared to be only a young girl, barely on the cusp of maturity, but as he fought, he realized that he had gotten himself in over his head. Eventually, he was bested, dropping to his knees as his vision grew hazy from loss of blood, the smirk of the incredible warrior he had fought against the last thing he saw before losing consciousness.

When he awoke, the first thing Tabris realized was that he was somehow still alive. The second thing he realized was that his wounds were being tended to by the very girl that had caused them. He wasn’t certain why he had been spared, and he didn’t think to ask the reason. Not since Talindra had he seen a female warrior with such deadly ability and tenacity, and so long as she wanted him to stay alive, he would oblige her. From that point on, the two formed a friendship and partnership and began working together, bringing their own brand of justice to the Borderlands.

Tabris and Lyrica would eventually meet up with Sefiros, and from there go on to join the other Yurath at New Yuihtyr. It was there that Lyrica met Katai and began a relationship with her, causing Tabris much consternation and jealousy. The pair of young women suddenly vanished one day, leaving Tabris to assume that he had been abandoned by his partner. Angered and heartbroken at the same time, he eventually decided to adventure west into the Centerlands, looking for demons to slay as a means of venting his frustrations. Unfortunately, however, he met his end against a swarm of Flame Demons, one of which claimed his soul.

After languishing in agony for several years, Tabris was finally freed from his torment when a group of Yurath under Elemar’s command slew the Flame Demon that had claimed his soul and captured the soul in a specially prepared gemstone. Unfortunately for Tabris, however, he would then proceed to be used as a pawn in Elemar’s gambit to coerce Lyrica into joining his new empire. Lyrica ultimately refused, however, abandoning Tabris for a second time. In retaliation, Elemar used one of the Tears of Ar-Sargithor to transform Tabris into one of the Blood Chosen of Ar-Sargithor, a terrifying Flame Demon. He then unleashed Tabris on Lyrica’s home of Aladri, and the newly created demon proceeded to slaughter the entire village and set fire to the surrounding forest in its rampage. Now Tabris roams the Borderlands in search of more souls to consume, a twisted shell of his former self.


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