Yurathian Elf Cleric of Alorinyai


Quite young for an elf, appearing to be no more than 18 years old, She has long golden blond hair and is quite beautiful, even more so than the average Yurathian Elf. Her eyes seem to sparkle with life and hope. She wears a somewhat elegant dress, along with a silver medallion bearing a symbol of a ray of light and small silver earrings.


Shydani grew up in Tarthemon by a noble family of elves. She was always reminded that she was special and was destined for great things. She wanted little of slaying monsters and instead chose to join the peaceful order of Alorinyai. During her time she also became friends with Lodaril and Elemar, and later Lodaril convinced her to be a part of his Yurathian gathering.


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