Holy Warrior of the Path of Light


Serendra is a petite yet stoutly built Yurathian Human woman with long blonde hair tied in a ponytail with a large ribbon. She is dressed in pure white clerical vestments underneath a suit of glimmering Full Plate armor emblazoned with the Golden Eye, holy symbol of the True Gods. At her side is an enchanted Longsword, blessed with the holy power of the True Gods, though not one of the True Steel blades wielded by the Paladins of Light.


The Yurathian Human known as Serendra began her life in the Centerlands city of Nessinar as the daughter of a middle class family. Her father was a blacksmith, and despite Serendra being a woman and a Yurath, he taught her everything he knew about how to forge and shape metal. This eventually led to an interest in weapons, and soon she began practicing with a Longsword that she had forged herself in secret. Her parents disapproved, but when Serendra explained that she somehow felt a calling to learn how to use the weapon, they eventually relented. The Yurath were known as legendary heroes in the past with many strange and wondrous powers, and perhaps Serendra was like that as well, they reasoned.

Her parents’ theory proved correct a few years later, when Serendra suddenly began to experience strange visions. Along with those came miraculous healing powers, and many people were amazed as she began curing injuries and removing afflictions from others. As her visions continued and began to grow clearer, she eventually realized that she was being called to the sacred mountain of Erentiyr. Flashes of valiant warriors armed with Longswords and gleaming armor filled her mind, along with a single symbol; the golden eye of the True Gods. Eventually, Serendra decided to follow the strange visions and set off for the sacred mountain. It was there that she met the man known as Galen and heard his preaching about the True Gods. Suddenly, everything fell into place, and Serendra knew that from that moment on she would devote herself to the Path of Light.

Through intense prayer and rigorous training, Serendra’s skills as a warrior and priest grew. She was blessed with great talent, and soon she sought to take the Paladin’s test atop Erentiyr. Galen would not grant his approval for the test however, fearing she was not yet ready. Serendra was frustrated, but she obeyed, knowing that the test was not something to be approached lightly. Unless the True Gods themselves called upon her to ascend the mountain, she would have to obey the will of their high cleric. And so it went as she helped defend Yuihtyr from the many threats arrayed against it, often going on patrols to seek out demons and bandits and preaching the faith of the True Gods when not defending the temple compound from direct attack. Despite her prowess in battle and command of divine magic, Serendra proved to be a gentle and compassionate soul, known for her kindness and generosity. She had many friends among the Path of Light and the others who called the temple compound of Yuihtyr their home. However, the Dragon assault changed all of that.

High Cleric Galen became obsessed with revenge after the assault against Yuihtyr by the Dragons. Serendra suspected that he was allowing the influence of the Theranites and their anger to cloud his judgment, but she was still bound to obey him, and she too wanted to ensure that the Dragons would never threaten the Yurath again. At Galen’s behest, she agreed to be dubbed a Paladin in name as part of a new order within the Path of Light, with hopes of staving off the loss of worshippers to the suddenly resurgent faith of the goddess Mairyssa. It was clear that this was a desperate gamble on Galen’s part, and when Serendra again requested permission to take the true test of Paladinhood atop Erentiyr, Galen denied it, saying that the consequences of her failing would be too great and that they could not afford another such blow to the Path of Light at this time. Disheartened, Serendra agreed to Galen’s plan and became the first of the Paladins of Light, though she could still feel the calling to a higher purpose within her. She set off with the others on the great crusade to destroy the Dragons, doing her best to be the brave and holy warrior that everyone else could look up to, but her heart was simply not in it. Her opinions on settling the conflict with the Dragons in a more peaceful and diplomatic fashion were not heeded by High Cleric Galen, and Serendra grew increasingly frustrated until the day when the True Gods themselves once again spoke to her through a vision, showing her an image of herself riding alone into the west. Serendra interpreted this to mean that the will of the True Gods was for her to serve them elsewhere, and thus she deserted the crusade, riding off into the west as she had been directed and praying to the True Gods that they would guide her on the correct path.

Eventually, Serendra would make her way back to Yuihtyr and the sacred mountain of Erentiyr, where she was greeted by the warrior Sefiros. A whirlwind sequence of events eventually brought her face-to-face with the Demonlord Tharzian, freed from his prison in a desperate gamble to allow Tirenyr to take control of the body of another Demonlord, Cytth’k. The insane plan was a success, though Serendra only barely survived the battle. Afterward, she again beseeched High Cleric Galen for his permission to take the Paladin’s test atop Erentiyr, and he finally relented. She failed the Paladin’s test however due to her own hubris, a devastating blow to her ego. She continues to serve the True Gods, but her failure of the Paladin’s test has left her heartbroken and unsure of herself.


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