Traitor to the Empire, Pawn of the Mist Demons


A tall and deceptively handsome Yurathian Human carrying an enormous blade. Extremely dangerous. If sighted, report immediately to the nearest Imperial Guard or other representative of the Empire.


Sefiros was once a Yurathian Half-Elf and Wizard from the Borderlands. In his present form, however, he appears as a tall silver-haired Yurathian Human warrior carrying an immense True Steel sword. It is believed he received this weapon from the Mist Demon known as The Trickster in an affront to the religious practices of the Path of Light and a mockery of its Paladins of Light.

Sefiros is said to have spontaneously appeared one day in his present form, seemingly out of thin air. He descended down from the sacred mountain Erentiyr, as if sent into Yuir by the True Gods themselves. It is now believed however that this was part of an elaborate ruse by the Mist Demons to insert a trusted warrior into the ranks of the Alliance of Light and drive it to division from within. He claims to be an old friend of Emperor Elemar and that the two of them spent many years adventuring together, which is true to a point; it is speculated that the Half-Elven Sefiros, whom Elemar and many others remember, may have been captured by the Mist Demons and reprogrammed somehow, as he is said to have mysteriously vanished one day without any trace left behind. This theory is supported by the fact that the current Sefiros expresses knowledge of many of the memories of the Wizard version. Sadly however, the Emperor’s trust in his old friend was misplaced in this new version.

A powerful warrior, Sefiros aided the Emperor and the other members of the Alliance of Light in many of their adventures, and was integral in the defense of Yuihtyr during the great dragon assault. As Emperor Elemar began to consolidate power and rebuild the ancient empire of Mairyssa however, Sefiros suddenly changed and began to spread baseless rumors about the Emperor. This dissent culminated in his refusal to swear the Oath of Allegiance to the Emperor during the ceremony granting him the rank of Andrin. At first, the Emperor merely passed this off as his old friend’s usual eccentricity, but later it became clear that Sefiros had gone rogue. He took the brave warriors Lyrica and Katai with him as well, and later swayed even Galen, High Cleric of Light, and his most promising holy warrior, Lady Serendra, forming the basis for a rebellion against the empire along with several others. It is now believed that the evil Archmage Tirenyr, who has merged himself with the Demonlord of Mist, Cytth’k, is the mastermind behind the rebellion. A mysterious being who calls himself Eltalin also appears to be playing a role in the rebellion, and may well be a powerful Mist Demon in his own right.

Once a noble warrior and personal friend of the Emperor, Sefiros is now regarded as a traitor and criminal, deceived or possibly controlled outright by the Mist Demons, who have joined forces in an attempt to prevent the resurgence of the Empire of Mairyssa. His behavior has been erratic and it is unknown what his true motivations are. Though he has not been seen in some time, it is believed that he is hiding on the island of Myryr with his Mist Demon masters, plotting further actions against the empire.


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