Passionate, Child-like Warrior


Lyrica Dawnscythe is a Yurathian half-elf, fair-skinned with jet black hair cut just above the shoulder and a distinctive small stature; like most members of her race, she has ceased aging outwardly, but her growth halted earlier than most, leaving her with the perpetual appearance of a young teenager. Her eyes are mismatched; one is the normal Yurathian gold, the other a pinkish red that betrays her demonic blood. Lyrica is extremely fit and agile and prefers functional, unrestrictive clothing, usually just a dress-like tunic and boots, though she has found one magical breastplate that she can stand to wear in a fight. She also wears a red scarf given her by her friend Salinae, a young elf from the village she grew up in, when she visited recently prior to its destruction. She fights using a pair of glowing energy knives that she generates using her rare psionic ability.


Lyrica’s childhood was remarkably uncomplicated for a Yurath; born of unknown parents and adopted by a loving but childless couple in a small farming community outside the Tarth. She grew up with doting parents and accepting neighbors, but was always insecure about her own feelings toward them due to the rumors and hearsay she couldn’t help but overhear about her Yurathian blood. Still, she got along well, making friends and growing closer to the villagers, especially a young elf named Salinae, living in peace until a violent regime change in a neighboring orc tribe eventually brought slave raids to her village. Taken along with several other villagers, including Salinae’s mother, on one of these raids, Lyrica manifested her mindblades for the first time as she fell victim to a blind panic. Lashing out at one of her captors, she found that she enjoyed the rush of power she felt as her blades, an extension of her will, carved through his flesh, her savagery growing with each kill until she quite suddenly found herself alone, left to cry until the search party found her there, surrounded by the corpses of both the orcs and the other kidnapped villagers.

The villagers decided to welcome the traumatized child back and forgive her for what they saw as a lapse brought on by panic and immaturity, but in Lyrica’s mind the incident was a confirmation of every whispered rumor she had heard about her own Yurathian blood. She soon ran away from home, believing that it was unsafe for them if she stayed near them, and began drifting; first from town to town, living like a street rat, then throughout the wilderness of the Borderlands as her prowess and her paranoia grew.

(to be finished later with what actually happened during the game)


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