Original leader of the Borderlands Yurath


A somewhat handsome looking Yurathian Elf with medium length dark hair, Lodaril wears a suit of mithral chainmail that gleams with light. He has an athletic build, combining strength and agility. He seems to have a certain charisma about him.


Born in the Tarth Forest, Lodaril questioned his birth more than most of the resurrected Half-Yurath. He felt that the Yurath must have been resurrected for a good reason and sought to learn that purpose.

To that end, he gathered together a band of Yurath. By hoping to analyze everyone’s visions, he thought he would learn some truths. Finally being drawn by his own visions to the holy mountain of Erentiyr and the encampment of Yuihtyr, he discovered he was previously a cleric of the True Gods, believing them the way, he rebuilt Yuihtyr and began training a new order of clerics.


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