A beautiful dark-haired Yurathian Half-Elf with a deep desire for cutting and stabbing things (including herself)


A Yurathian Half-Elf a few inches over five feet, Katai has long black hair that while mostly straight, bears a bit of a wild, natural look. She wears a suit of tight fitting leather armor, which shows off her rather nicely sized breasts.


Katai was born into slavery in Tharn, Kat was born with Yurathian gold eyes, and was considered a valuable possession. At age 13, Katai escaped from her captors, and made her way north to the Tarth Forest. She had to cross orc lands on her own, learning to survive, and to kill. She arrived in the Tarth on Temarussa 1st, 3582 at the age of 16, though her physical appearance made her seem more about 11-13 or so.


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