A form of Tor-Zakarum, Jachyra appears as a rather thin Yurathian Human, Jachyra has long black hair, and the typical Yurathian gold eyes. His skin is slightly tanned, with a handsome face that seems almost flawless in appearance. Jachyra tends to have a smug look on his face, and behind his eyes is an inner look of haughtiness. Jachyra wears a dull grey robe, which seems to be high quality but otherwise unremarkable. On his right hand, he bears a silvered ring, with a deep red stone.

Jachyra is known to be slightly condescending at times, throwing around insults freely as to how foolish everyone else is. Still as much as they’d hate to admit it, his insights and aids have proved rather useful in the past.



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