Battlemaster of the Imperial Armies and New Empress of Mairyssa


Feyana is a lithe yet well-endowed Yurathian Elf with long blonde hair tied in a pair of twin ponytails on either side of her head with matching black ribbons. She is dressed mainly in black, with a long elegant dress made of finest silk covering her upper body and cut in a revealing manner to show off her firm and toned lower body. At her side is a platinum longsword that radiates an aura of incredible power.


The Yurathian Elf known as Feyana began her life deep in the forests of the Tarth, in the northern Borderlands of Yuir. The small community of she was born into, Illuvaran, rejoiced at the news that they had been blessed with a Yurath, one of the fabled champions of the elven people. Feyana and her family were provided with the best resources the village could offer, and as she grew and matured, she showed a remarkable talent both for arcane learning and martial skill. When the call for Yurath to gather in Tarthemon went out, many in the village feared that Feyana would leave to join the others of her kind, but the young elf decided instead to remain with her village to continue her training, wanting to hone her skills further.

It was several months later that a shocking event would shatter the peace of the small and isolated village. A small raiding party of Dark Elves appeared, attacking the village in the dead of night and slaying several elves. Feyana had heard many stories while growing up of the terrible dark-skinned abominations that lived deep underground, but it was a shock to see any this far away from their mountain lair to the south. She quickly rallied with the rest of her fellow villagers to drive back the evil demon worshippers, who called down the wrath of Tharzian on them. Despite the loss of many villagers, the Dark Elves were eventually driven back thanks in part to Feyana’s efforts. Many of the surviving villagers swore that if not for her, they may well have all been overpowered and slain by their hated enemies.

A funeral was held the next day for the elves lost that night. Many had been killed, including several of Feyana’s dear friends and her beloved older sister, Lafana. It was the last time she ever cried openly, hatred for the evil creatures that had done this to her friends and fellow villagers welling up inside her as the hot tears rolled down her cheeks. Once the funeral services had concluded, she took up the scythe that had been wielded by the Dark Elf champion and the enchanted longsword left behind by Lafana and suddenly declared that she was leaving the village. The other villagers and her family were all shocked and pleaded with her not to go, saying that losing her after having lost so many others would be too heavy a blow to bear, yet Feyana refused to listen to them, her mind already firmly made up. With heavy hearts, the villagers watched her leave, wondering if they would ever see her again.

Feyana arrived in Tarthemon a few days later, only to find it deserted of the Yurath who had supposedly gathered there. She learned from the people there that the Yurath had departed several weeks ago, and was cautioned that there had been inquisitors from the church of Althania asking questions about their whereabouts. Undeterred, Feyana ventured south, leaving the forest of her birth for the first time in her life. The Borderlands were a dangerous place, especially for an elf, and Feyana’s skills were tested many times as she wandered through the land, eventually making her way to the Shadow Mountains. There, she fearlessly ventured deep into the bowels of the mountains, bent on finding the hidden lairs of the Dark Elves and slaying every last one of them she encountered. She came upon a subterranean village of Dark Elves and set about ruthlessly attacking them, sending the inhabitants fleeing in terror as she lit up the eternal night of the cavern with crackling bolts of electricity. The warriors that dared stand against her were quickly slain, meeting their end on the same merciless scythe that had taken the lives of so many of her fellow elves. It is said that Feyana’s wrath only waned when she stormed into one of the homes of the underground village, encountering a young Dark Elf child who stared up in absolute terror at the golden-eyed monster that had ravaged her village. Suddenly feeling a twinge of regret for her actions, Feyana relented, sparing the child’s life and retreating.

Several months after she first left her home in the Tarth, Feyana finally arrived one day at the gates of Crossing Points keep, joining the band of warriors there under the tutelage of the Yurathian Human known as Jarek. She spent several years honing her skills under the mentorship of Jarek and the other warriors there, constantly striving to greater levels of mastery. Despite the time she spent at the keep however, she still remains an enigma to many of the others who lived and trained there, usually saying little and making few friends. Eventually, she elected to leave the keep, traveling to Yuihtyr at the behest of Jarek to train the guards there in preparation to meet the threat of Mother’s forces. That assignment eventually proved unnecessary however, as Elemar was able to find a way to blunt Mother’s power thanks to the powerful prophecy magic of the Shard of the Ages.

Feyana decided to stay on at Yuihtyr, joining the other Yurath there and adventuring with them. She accompanied the group on several quests, eventually travelling with them to the Elven Lands to recover a relic for a ritual being devised by the Mage Colmar. The quest turned out to be a trap however, and the group was ambushed and captured by a Shadow Demon known as Aita and several other Yurath. They were eventually rescued thanks to support from Elemar, but the experience apparently left deep psychological scars, as Feyana refuses to speak of it.

Feyana would go on to aid in the defense of Yuihtyr against a great dragon assault. After that, she spent some time wandering the continent of Inqua with Lyrica and Katai, eventually creating a pair of items to aid them in the capture of Aita should they ever encounter her again. In the meantime, Feyana took out her frustrations on the Orcs of the Borderlands, and is responsible in part for vastly reducing their numbers to the point that they presently pose very little threat. Lyrica opposed her methods for finding and slaying Aita however (it is now believed that she had begun to fall under the influence of Tirenyr at this point) and convinced Katai to help her prevent Feyana from achieving her goal.

The group eventually traveled to Syndalin, which had become the capital of the new elven empire under Elemar. Emperor Elemar welcomed them with open arms and held a ceremony in their honor, declaring them all heroes of the empire and bestowing the title of Andrin upon them. It was only Feyana who would repay the Emperor’s generosity by agreeing to serve him however, the other Yurath falling to demonic influences and becoming traitors to the empire. She has since become Battlemaster of the Imperial Armies, training the many new recruits who wish to serve Emperor Elemar in the ways of battle. The few grumbles of dissent over the appointment of a commoner to such a high position were quickly silenced by her indisputable skill with all manner of weapons and techniques. She has since come to surpass even her old master Jarek, and is now regarded as one of the most skilled warriors in all of Yuir, if not the single most skilled period.

Feyana has come to view her former friends and companions as enemies, and holds an especially deep grudge against Lyrica, whom she blames for elevating her hated nemesis Aita to the level of Demonlord. The very rare times in which she openly displays any sort of emotion are when she is reminded of this instance of betrayal. A few of her students even whisper rumors of their teacher manifesting glowing red eyes and demonic claws when sufficiently angered, though this is certainly an exaggeration of her well-known strictness and peerless skill.

It is said that after the humiliating defeat of Emperor Elemar at the Siege of Myryr, the disgraced emperor abdicated the throne to Feyana, passing the Sword of Mairyssa on to her and declaring her the great goddess’s new chosen one. However, no one has seen the new empress since her return from the Isle of Mist.


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