Disgraced Former Emperor


Elemar is a thin and seemingly frail Yurathian Elf of average height, with black hair cut short except for a long, thin ponytail in the back. His expression is wracked with sorrow and guilt, and though he still wears the finery of an emperor, anyone can tell at a glance that he has fallen quite far.


Elemar came from humble beginnings, born in the city of Tarthemon in the Tarth forest of the northern Borderlands, on the continent of Inqua. He showed great promise in the arcane arts from a young age, as well as skill with the blade.

Along with his childhood friends Lodaril and Shydani, Elemar set out to help gather all the Yurath of the Borderlands in an attempt to determine why their race had suddenly been reborn after so many years. The subsequent events of that quest would lead to the rescue of Alasandriel, the awakening of their past lives, the group’s relocation to the Centerlands, the birth of Serinay, and many more events of great importance.

In his past life, Elemar was known as Arandil, Prince of the Calanea, a royal family of Elves from the Elven Lands of Inqua. He was brother to Tirenyr’s lover Illusana, and was devastated by the loss of his beloved sister, so much so that the Calanea family eventually placed a memory erasing enchantment on him so that he would forget her. Elemar has been able to recall few details of her due to this powerful enchantment, other than what Sefiros has been able to relate from sharing Tirenyr’s memories. Arandil would eventually become a member of the Spellblades, an elite order of Yurath that combined arcane skill with martial prowess. As such, Elemar is the only living practitioner of their art, though he has begun to train others as part of rebuilding the ancient empire. Arandil was also entrusted with the protection of the Shard of the Ages, an artifact mirror capable of powerful divination magic, and its recovery by Elemar was instrumental in his rise to power as emperor.

In his role as emperor, Elemar had begun to remake the ancient empire of old, and has brought peace and prosperity to lands ravaged by years of fighting. With the power of the Sword of Mairyssa and the inerrant prophecies of the Shard of the Ages, it seemed as though nothing can stand in the way of his dream to unite all of Yuir in peace. However, with his defeat at the Siege of Myryr by the combined forces of Demonlords Cytth’k and Aita, Elemar has been disgraced and cast aside by the goddess Mairyssa. Now that he has been forced to step down, the Sword of Mairyssa has been passed to Feyana, making her the new chosen one of Mairyssa. No one has seen Elemar since his return from Myryr; supposedly he has shut himself into his chambers and refuses all inquiries.


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