Yurathian Archmage and Loremaster


Colmar is a short and unassuming Yurathian Half-Elf with silvery hair and a humble bearing. He is dressed in simple tan colored robes and carries a plain but well crafted quarterstaff. His eyes seem to be brimming with a natural friendliness and curiosity.


Colmar is a Yurathian Mage of some reknown, possessed of a hyper intelligent intellect and an insatiable curiosity. He is knowledgeable in a wide array of topics, and is always seeking to expand what he knows. He was first recruited to the group by Suldannahar, who sought someone capable of brewing the Yurathian Vision Elixir. He would go on to become Yuihtyr’s resident arcanist and scholar, eventually amassing an impressive library of knowledge which he shared freely with any who sought to learn. He is also known as a polyglot, said to be fluent in nearly two dozen languages and able to converse with every single type of creature that inhabits Yuir. In his past life, he was known as Alaric Brightstaff, and he authored many authoritative tomes on the nature of higher level magic in Yuir. Now as Colmar, he seeks to rediscover those same lost tomes.

His more notable exploits include helping to defend the Yuihtyr compound against an attack by the Motherites and discovering the ancient ruins of Ishya along with Galen and Tristan. He also has experience traveling on the island of Myryr, being part of a quest that resulted in the death of Althania, the human goddess of magic, as well as a member of the rescue team sent by Elemar to recover the others who had been ambushed in the Elven Lands. Several powerful magical artifacts were recovered from Althania, and Colmar wielded them for a time, becoming an incredibly powerful arcane spellcaster.

The great battle of Yuihtyr against the Dragon armies claimed Colmar’s life for a time, as he was soul-drained by the demonlord Cytth’k in the guise of the goddess Mairyssa. With Tirenyr gaining control of the demonlord’s body however, Colmar has been resurrected. The loss of his items of power and all of his research has disheartened him somewhat, but he still retains a vast well of knowledge within his mind and is eager to learn more as he assists the party in their quest to thwart the rise of the new Empire of Mairyssa.


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