Originally merely a simple commoner with dreams of adventure, this Yurathian Human warrior was raised to great heights by Jarek Kulthar who trained him as an apprentice. He is now in charge of Crossing Points Sanctum.

Belar has short brown hair and a trimmed brown beard. He appears in rather good physical shape.


Once a simple herder from Lywth, Belar was convinced to join Lodaril’s initial band of Yurath. During that journey he became Jarek’s apprentice and learned the way of swordsmanship. He aided the group in the retaking of Crossing Points Sanctum and also on the attack on Queen Treadriel where he primarily was responsible for raiding her vaults. Then he became an independent adventurer based out of crossing points who split his time doing heroic deeds and teaching new recruits. After Jarek disappeared, Belar took over teaching full-time becoming the master of Crossing Points.

It was a surprise to all when such a noble hero would later close down Crossing Points and decide to join the resistance against Elemar’s Empire.


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