Mysterious Wandering Elf


Asha generally has the appearance of a beautiful elf-maid with long golden hair, which she wears loose, and emerald green eyes. She has a more rounded face and a fuller figure than most elves, which she claims is because she comes from “the north”. She always carries herself with a calm, polite demeanor, with an easy smile and a gentle voice, which makes her popular at pubs and inns but tends to unnerve her companions when she continues to act that way in situations of grave danger or emotional weight.

Given to her innate disguise magic and her acting skills, Asha’s appearance may vary dramatically from the above; she is capable of changing any aspect of her form and clothing and of impersonating most humanoids close to her size, as long as combat doesn’t break out.


Asha is a self-described “mysterious wanderer”, generally content to drift, bard-like, from city to city telling stories and exchanging secrets, but she seems to also do odd jobs on the side, some of which she recruits the help of adventurers for. In spite of her competence at adventuring jobs she is surprisingly absent-minded, even ditzy, constantly forgetting small details such as her friends’ names, what things she has packed, what to expect inside a given dungeon, who hired her, or what exactly the target is.



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